Little help for schools in new budget

Gov. Snyder signed into law the 2012-13 $48 billion budget this week. The new budget year begins Oct. 1. 

While Snyder praised the budget for having made a strategic investment in education, it still falls far short of restoring money cut from schools over the past several years. The only school districts really seeing any boost are the lowest-funded ones who could get as much as $120 extra per student. Districts adopting seven of eight best practices could also see more money. Universities will get an average 3 percent funding increase, but part of the money comes from them holding any tuition increases below 4 percent. Community colleges get a 3.6 percent increase.
School districts now know what they can expect in terms of state aid and they can complete their budgets which must be in place by the end of this month. 
Snyder did veto the use of $1 million for a before-and after-school program because it established an ongoing program using one-time revenues.