Long Range Planning Committee

2014-15 Charge:
To help ensure that the education of our students and the working environments of our members are of the highest quality.

To help develop local capacity by the identification and development of policies and strategies that will enhance the long term viability of our MEA Regions, MABOs and locals.

Annually review the ongoing MEA 5 year plan and make recommendations to the Board of Directors as necessary.
Start Date
  Steven Cook (2017)   
  Nancy Strachan (2017)   
  Rick Trainor (2017)  
2012 Julie Brill (2015 Exec. Comm)  
2013 David Hockaday (2015 Exec. Comm.)  
2009 Jon Fielbrandt (2015 Exec. Comm.)  
2008 Cheryl Lake (2016 Exec. Comm)  
2010 Michael Graves (2016 Exec. Comm)  
2014 Tom Brenner (2016 Exec. Comm)  
2014 Roy Freeman (2015)  
  Vacancy (2015)  
2011 Isabell Nazar (2015) Chair
2010 Eric Minore (2016-NEA Director)   
2010 Drew Campbell (2016-NEA Director)   
2014 Sue Federico (2017-NEA Director)  
2013 Doug Hill (2017-NEA Director) Vice Chair
2012 Paula Herbart (2015-NEA Director)  
2013 Jenifer Almassy (2015-NEA Director)