Make these guides part of your Nov. 6 voting plan

With the overwhelming flood of misleading ads, scare tactics and outright lies tarnishing this election, it’s good to know that with only seven days left until Nov. 6, there are honest and reliable sources of information to help you make informed choices at the ballot box.

This week, MEA members are receiving personalized kicker cards in the mail listing MEA’s recommended candidates and positions on the six ballot proposals.  Lots of information on the election has also gone out in the October issue of the MEA Voice magazine and in other mailings over the past few weeks to MEA members.

You can go online to to find your polling location and the MEA recommended candidates for your area.  For recommendations on local races, you can check online in the Members Only area of or contact your local UniServ office.

The Michigan League of Responsible Voters is dedicated to educating voters with the most updated election information. On their website,, you can download a practical guide to the ballot proposals that provides background information on each proposal, explains what each proposal does, lists those groups both supporting and opposing the proposal, and the League’s recommendations.

When it comes to the fight to keep Michigan’s working families from losing their collective bargaining voice for fair wages and benefits, there’s no better source of information than the Protect Working Families website, The campaign provides facts, talking points, the benefits collective bargaining provides all Michigan citizens, and the latest ads supporting Proposal 2. You can sign up to receive their E-alerts, find opportunities to volunteer and make a donation.

All of these resources are convenient, trustworthy and user-friendly. Most importantly, they cut through all the “noise” and take a stand on the candidates and issues that are important to us as voters and MEA members. Don’t go to the polls on Nov. 6 without consulting them.