MDE to teachers: 'Don't change your lessons plans!'

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) is advising teachers not to change their lesson plans, despite the fact that the MEAP, instead of Smarter Balanced assessments, is being used next spring. The Legislature made that choice when they passed a state budget that requires the MEAP. MDE previously recommended Smarter Balanced.

The "new" MEAP will be given online with a paper and pencil option, but there's still no decision on what the test will look like. Last year, teachers incorporated the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) into their lessons plans, expecting to use Smarter Balanced assessments this year since they are more in line with CCSS. With the start of school approaching, it may leave teachers and administrators wondering how to prepare students.

According to MDE's advice, "Educators and administrators should continue with the lesson plans they have been preparing over the past few years, to ready students for a more rigorous assessment that will measure Michigan's standards."

The MEAP could include questions from the Smarter Balanced tests since Michigan has led the development of those tests over the last three years.