MEA and Ed Trust call for more training and resources for teachers

MEA President Steve Cook and Amber Arellano, Education Trust-Midwest Executive Director, agree on what Michigan students need—teachers are the key to student success and they need resources and training to be most effective. That’s just one of the issues the two organizations support; the other issues are outlined in a Bridge magazine guest commentary, “Teachers need more training and resources to teach to higher standards.”

The two leaders point out that Michigan has adopted new standards, and call for high-quality professional development for the standards and for annual performance evaluations.

Cook and Arellano wrote, “Michigan’s college- and career-ready standards will require educators to teach students at much higher levels—and to help them gain much deeper skills—than ever before. Educators need professional development on the content of the new standards, as well as the most effective ways to teach them.”

They are calling for a three-year wait before results from the new higher standards are used in performance evaluations currently being discussed by legislators.