MEA fighting anti-collective bargaining bills in Senate

Michigan Senate
Michigan Senate

The Michigan Senate is the next stop for a four-bill package designed to unravel collective bargaining and tenure laws, legislation that would impact all public school employees.

Last week, the GOP-led state House passed House Bills 4625, 4626, 4627, and 4628 with bipartisan opposition after heavy lobbying from MEA members and staff. MEA will have an increased presence at the Capitol beginning Tuesday, with members and staff stepping up efforts to work with moderate senators willing to consider alternative ideas, including MEA-backed reforms to streamline the process of disciplining or discharging ineffective teachers with tenure.

The bills are the latest attack on public employees and, if enacted, would strip unionized public school employees of the right to collectively bargain many subjects. The legislation would also make it easier for schools to fire both experienced and probationary teachers, add new teacher evaluation mandates, and require a "mutual consent policy" for teacher placement. (Learn more about the impact of this legislation in our new Q and A.)

MEA strongly opposes these bills -- and we're fighting hard in Lansing to educate lawmakers about the negative consequences. For example, if these bills become law, a school district could easily fire teachers for reasons that have nothing to do with their job performance.

Contact your state senator NOW
-- tell him/her what you think about these measures. Remind your senator that he/she is in Lansing to represent you and your students -- and that taking away your voice in collective bargaining and removing experienced teachers from the classroom hurts students.