MEA General Counsel advises Council on Educator Effectiveness


MEA’s General Counsel, Arthur Przybylowicz, was one of several speakers today at the first meeting of the Governor’s Council on Educator Effectiveness.

The Council was established under PA 102 and is charged with making recommendations on a student growth and assessment tool; a state evaluation tool for teachers and school administrators and a way to evaluate those tools; and changes to requirements for a professional education teaching certificate. Their recommendations are due by April 30.

In his testimony, Przybylowicz called on the Council to base its recommendations on sound research that shows any changes will have a positive impact on student performance.

Przybylowicz said, “If there is not substantial high-quality research to support a particular recommendation, then no recommendation should be made by the Council. Simply because the statute charges the Council with making recommendations in certain matters, it should not do so in the absence of research evidence to establish that the recommendation will actually assist in improving public education.”

He went on to express MEA’s willingness to provide recommendations “that are consistent with research-based practices to improve public education in Michigan.”

The Council has five voting members appointed by the Governor, the Senate Majority Leader and Speaker of the House. There are no teachers on the Council.