MEA influences changes to evaluation legislation

Wednesday, Rep. Tim Melton introduced HB 4796 to address the standards for teacher performance evaluations. Today, when the House Education Committee took up the bill, he announced, "This legislation is not perfect and changes are needed." Those positive changes reflect the efforts of MEA lobbyists who worked with Melton and other legislators.

Major changes include:

  • Limiting the size of the proposed Governor's Council on Teacher Effectiveness while requiring that it include education experts, like teachers and administrators. The Council would be appointed by the governor and begin meeting this fall.
  • The Council would be charged with defining what "effectiveness" means in an evaluation and creating a statewide value-added evaluation model for school districts to use.
  • Holding off implementing any evaluation system until there is at least two years worth of valid and reliable data on student achievement.
  • A three-year phase-in with the 2012-13 school year used for piloting the statewide project.
  • Holding charter school and public school academies to the same standards as public schools.

HB 4796 remains in the House Education Committee, which will continue taking testimony on it next week.