MEA joins in federal suit challenging PA 53

MEA has joined with three other unions representing Michigan school employees in a federal suit challenging the constitutionality of PA 53 that bans the payroll deduction of dues only for public school employees.
In a news release, MEA President Cook said, "This bill sat for months in the Senate. It's no coincidence that it passed within 24 hours of the launch of a worker coalition to amend our state constitution to protect collective bargaining rights. That just doesn't pass the smell test. It is blatant retaliation against one group of workers who insist on standing up, making their voices heard and fighting back against the attacks on collective bargaining, public education and the middle class."

MEA, along with AFT Michigan, AFSCME Council 25, and SEIU Local 517M, are charging that "the law violates the First and 14th amendments of the U.S. Constitution, discriminating against school employees as retribution for political speech and treating schools employees differently than other classifications of workers without reason."

Last Friday, a Wisconsin judge ruled that the state could not enforce its ban on dues deduction that was part of Gov. Walker's budget repair bill. This suit uses similar constitutional grounds.