MEA membership bring NEA benefits too

Membership in MEA entitles you to benefits like online professional development to advance your career, bargaining and legal services to protect your rights, discounts on insurance and every-day items to save you money, and support to improve the educational outcomes of our students. 

But your MEA membership also entitles you to benefits provided by NEA, the National Education Association.

As an MEA/NEA member, you have $1 million in employment liability insurance coverage for on-the-job incidences. This is a profession-related insurance policy that works much like a doctor’s malpractice insurance. How much would it cost to purchase similar coverage out in the world?

MEA Financial Services requested a quote from AmWINS Brokerage of Michigan, using the actual Educators Employment Liability (EEL) policy as a guide. They were quoted a minimum annual premium of $2,500 per person. But it’s free for you as an MEA/NEA member.

Of course, there are other organizations and businesses quoting lower amounts. But don’t get excited. You have to check to see if these lower amounts are buying you the same type of policy or coverage as EEL. And in most cases, few carriers offer comparable coverage.

Professionally, MEA members have access to NEA’s professional development resources like Common Core lessons; its GPS network, an online collaborative tool that lets you communicate with other education professionals across the country on education issues; and strategies and tips to fight privatization.

Like MEA, NEA Member Benefits also can help you with discounts on travel, credit cards and home, auto and student loans.

Go to to see the whole range of benefits being an MEA and NEA member can bring you.