MEA President Cook releases new video with important tax information for members

MEA President Steve Cook has released a new video providing tax tips for MEA members, as many Michiganders face higher tax bills due to Gov. Rick Snyder and the GOP Legislature’s tax increases on the middle class.

“As we’re busy completing our tax forms, you may have noticed something different with your state taxes: They’ve gone up as your take home pay has gone down,” Cook said. “That’s because many of the tax deductions you’ve relied on have either been eliminated or severely reduced.”

“State taxes have increased and our take home pay has been severely cut, resulting in many school employees actually qualifying for bridge cards — the modern day version of public assistance,” Cook said. “Increased pension and health care contributions have reduced the take home pay by thousands of dollars for the average public school employee.”

“So this year, as you complete your Michigan taxes and notice you’re paying more with less take-home pay, remember that Republican legislators voted for it, Snyder signed it and we’re paying for it.”