MEA President Steve Cook highlights perils of cyber schools in Detroit News column

The proliferation of corporate cyber schools is having a detrimental effect on Michigan students, and it’s time for taxpayers to take a stand and demand that policymakers stop diverting public dollars to for-profit virtual schools, MEA President Steve Cook wrote in a column published Wednesday in the Detroit News.

“Michigan citizens have a big decision to make,” Cook wrote. “Should the primary purpose of public education be to prepare our kids for college and the workplace, or to increase profits for big corporations?”

“The vast majority of parents who are satisfied with their ‘real’ schools — those in their neighborhood with real buildings, real classrooms and real teachers — may not see the danger in the ever-increasing prevalence of these virtual schools,” Cook wrote.

“That is, until they realize that the funding siphoned out of the education budget and into the corporate pocketbooks of cyber school companies is draining more and more money out of their neighborhood schools and ultimately harming their children.”

Read Cook’s column here.