MEA statement responding to dues deduction ruling

EAST LANSING, Mich., May 9, 2013 — The following statement can be attributed to MEA President Steve Cook in response to today’s Sixth Circuit federal court decision regarding Michigan’s ban on payroll deduction of dues for school employees only:

“We are disappointed in the Sixth Circuit’s decision in this case and believe the dissenting opinion most accurately portrays the law in this case. Banning payroll deduction of dues only for school employees is clearly an attack on the first amendment rights of our members and retaliation for our activism in fighting the right-wing, anti-public education agenda.

“This is yet another case of Gov. Rick Snyder and other big-government politicians’ interfering in the affairs of local school districts and their employees. Those who supported this bill admitted it saved no money – in fact, school districts complained it could actually cost them more to make the required changes.

“MEA, along with the other plaintiffs in this case, are exploring all further legal options, including appeal.

“In the meantime, MEA will continue to advocate for Michigan students, school employees and parents to ensure every child in our state has access to a world-class education. No law passed in Lansing will stop that.”