More than 684,000 Protect Our Jobs signatures filed today

It took more than 130 boxes to hold the signed petitions turned in today to the Secretary of State, moving the constitutional amendment protecting collective bargaining one step closer to being on the Nov. ballot. The Protect Our Jobs coalition turned in 684,286 signatures -- more than twice the needed 322,609 valid signatures in advance of the July 9 deadline.

This was a massive team effort involving members of the MEA, other labor organizations, small businesses and faith-based organizations who gathered more signatures than any other recent ballot campaign has submitted. 

Read the press release from Protect Our Jobs announcing the submission of the signatures.

"Michigan voters have had it with Lansing politicians who have passed bad laws that hurt middle class families while doing nothing to help put Michigan back to work,” said Warren teacher Karen Kuciel who attended the filing. “This amendment to protect basic collective bargaining rights will help rebuild Michigan’s middle class, protect the wages and benefits of workers, and grow Michigan’s economy.”

It’s a historic day for Michigan’s middle class, but the work is far from over. The coalition now moves into the YES vote phase of the campaign, making sure petition signers have their voice heard at the ballot box on Nov. 6.