NEA launches new online network to help educators share ideas and form virtual communities

The National Education Association has launched a free online tool that allows teachers and education support professionals from across the country to share ideas, collaborate on strategies and form professional learning communities.

NEA’s Great Public Schools Network provides access to best-in-class educator resources, activities, lessons, webinars and other online resources.

“We’ve listened to our members, and they’ve told us they want NEA to focus more on professional issues,” NEA Senior Policy Analyst Barbara Frank said. “After they’ve registered, educators can immediately tie into more than 20 groups on different topics, such as the Common Core State Standards, school safety, school funding, and differentiated learning, among others. And if they don’t find a topic that’s relevant to them, they can start their own. It’s totally organic.”

The GPS Network was developed in conjunction with, an award-winning leader in Open Educational Resources, curriculum and communities for educators.

“This kind of network is important because it allows educators to have the power to talk about what we think is important,” said Andre Taylor, an art teacher from Ohio who recently signed up for the GPS Network. “Some of the reformers out there may have engaging rhetoric, but they haven’t really done much to help out students. This network allows us to draw from our classroom experience to find solutions. If you want change in the classroom, it has to come from the classroom.”

Visit to get started.