MEA Retirees Step Up to Lobby Against Anti-Strike Bills

MEA members responding to last week’s call to action with phone calls and emails to legislators got some in-person back-up at the Capitol on Tuesday. A small but tenacious band of MEA retirees walked the halls of power to lobby lawmakers against legislation to punish Detroit teachers for recent sickouts. 

Lawsuit Filed Over Conditions in Detroit Public Schools

On the heels of teacher “sick-outs” that called attention to deplorable conditions in Detroit Public Schools, the Detroit Federation of Teachers has filed a lawsuit against the district, seeking repairs of all code violations, investments in a 21st-Century learning infrastructure, and removal of Emergency Manager Darnell Earley.

MEA Supports Lawsuit by Detroit Teachers, DFT, AFT

LANSING, Mich., Jan. 29, 2016 — The following statement can be attributed to MEA President Steven Cook regarding the DFT/AFT lawsuit challenging conditions in Detroit Public Schools:

“Just as we’ve seen in Flint, the conditions in Detroit Public Schools are appalling. No one can argue that point. The issue is whether we’re willing to tolerate Third-World conditions in our urban centers. The question is if we’re going to stand up for democracy.