AFT Michigan, MEA share ideas with State Board of Education about returning Michigan schools to greatness

LANSING, Mich., September 8, 2015 – Michigan Education Association President Steven Cook, along with David Hecker, President of the American Federation of Teachers Michigan, made a joint presentation today before the State Board of Education.  The two leaders, whose unions represent nearly 175,000 education professionals, were invited by the board to share ideas that will help make Michigan public schools among the best in the nation. Both presidents provided specific recommendations to achieve that goal.


Mackinac Center’s ‘deal’ on liability insurance is one to pass up

Just as we expected, the Mackinac Center is upping its efforts to get members to leave MEA. They’ve already sent unsolicited messages to members’ computers and phones; now they’re sending postcards explaining their version of MEA members’ “rights” and liability insurance. But also, just as expected, their information isn’t reliable.


Whiston: ‘If the Legislature won’t pass an evaluation bill, we’ll create a plan’

That’s what new State Superintendent Brian Whiston told the State Board of Education yesterday. While the Senate approved SB 103 in May to establish a statewide teacher evaluation system, the House Education Committee took no action before the Legislature adjourned for the summer.