MDE adds more public meetings on proposed state standards

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) has added more meetings to give the public a chance to provide input on proposed science and social studies standards. Nine meetings have already been held which features a presentation on the standards, along with comments from educators, and school and community business leaders.

Whiston, Whitmer are special guests at MEA’s Fall RA

State Superintendent Brian Whiston welcomed MEA RA delegates on Saturday. He’s been on the job since July, but he has already listened to the concerns of MEA members regarding the M-STEP and made changes to next year’s testing schedule. Whiston also invited MEA and AFT to share their recommendations to make Michigan a top 10 education state in the next 10 years. And he’s promised to make sure MEA is involved in any decisions regarding education in the state.

Art teacher and MEA member earns statewide award

Kerry Shadbolt, a Williamston High School art teacher for the past eight years, and MEA member, has been named the state Teacher of the Year by the Michigan Art Education Association (MAEA), a professional organization for school art instructors. Each year, MEA partners with the group in presenting the annual Art Acquisition Purchase Exhibition.