Michigan Education Association

Field Services

“MEA always helps its members, and they helped us to
the extreme. We are so grateful for everything MEA has
done to help us get a contract.” – Cherrie King, Southwest Head Start ESP

One of the biggest benefits of your MEA membership is the service provided directly to members like you and your local association.

More than 100 highly trained professional labor relations consultants known as UniServ directors work in offices around the state to help you. They can access services from other MEA departments and staff. Some of the issues that UniServ directors may help you with include:

  • Contract bargaining

  • Grievance processingJob security protection

  • Retirement concerns

  • Development of training programs to meet specific local needs

  • Employee counseling for work-related problems

  • Contract interpretation

  • Presentation of arbitration cases

  • Unemployment compensation representation

  • Bargaining crisis preparation

  • Development of local public relations programs

  • Assistance for local leaders in governance matters

  • Civil rights violations




Updated: February 19, 2009 6:47 PM


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