Political Action

If you Missed the March 2 TeleTownHall with Mark Schauer and Steven Cook, Listen to the Recording Here

A special telephone town hall meeting on Wednesday, March 2, featured former gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer and MEA President Steven Cook discussing the 2016 election – and why NEA and MEA have recommended Hillary Clinton to be the next president of the United States. 

Listen to recording.

Testimony Begins on Anti-Union, Anti-Educator DPS Bills

Two members of a broad-based coalition of Detroit leaders today pressed the Republican-led state House to find solutions to the city’s school woes that bring stakeholders together and returns decision-making to local control, rather than pitting groups against each other.
The House Appropriations Committee on Wednesday heard testimony on a package of Republican-sponsored bills that would radically restructure Detroit Public Schools in ways that some of those lawmakers have said they would like to see extended statewide.