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What did you learn in school today, Mr. Schauer?
"Our educators are heroes!"  

mark-schauerMark Schauer, MEA's recommended candidate for governor, recently spent a day at Macomb County's Armada High School-not just making a campaign stop as Gov. Snyder did when he signed into law the education budget-but to actively participate in classes and speak one-on-one with school employees.

"I wanted to get a real sense of what it's like in the classroom. Armada schools have smart kids learning at a very high level because they have great teachers. I wanted to see that first-hand," said Schauer.

What he saw first-hand were the impacts Gov. Snyder's four years of budget cuts have had on classrooms, students and staff; what he saw first-hand were teachers trying to educate with outdated technology;  what he saw first-hand were food service employees making sure students got a healthy meal. 

Watch the video "first-hand" and see for yourself!  Schauer also penned an op-ed for the Macomb Daily about his experience.


Gov. Snyder's 'tough choices' hurt the middle class

Throughout his term, Gov. Snyder has talked about people having to make tough choices to help turn around Michigan's economy.

Well, the latest ad from the Democratic Governors Association, "Tough Choices," shows exactly who has paid for the tough choices he's made for education, seniors and the middle class.

Watch the ad and you'll see it certainly isn't his wealthy supporters!


Schauer, Brown put education funding first

Last week, Mark Schauer, the Democratic candidate challenging Gov. Snyder in the November election, unveiled his education plan and this week he got the chance to see public education in action when he visited West Bloomfield High School. Lisa Brown, his running mate for lieutenant governor, joined him on the tour.

Mark Schauer said, "This is a community that is committed to its schools and understands the value of public education. Now we need a governor who values education the same way."

Education is Schauer's top budget priority-in contrast to Gov. Snyder's $1 billion education cut and continued disinvestment in public education in this state. To see how much every K-12 school district and state higher education institutions have lost thanks to those cuts, go to www.kidsnotceos.com

On their visit to West Bloomfield, Schauer and Brown got involved in lessons in a biology and chemistry class. They also visited engineering, marketing, arts and video classes. Watch a clip of Schauer's classroom experience.

Read more.


'I'm in your corner!'

Schauer premieres his education plan for MEA members during tele-town hall'I'm in your corner!'

This week, more than 10,000 MEA members were the first to hear Mark Schauer's education plan during a special, members-only telephone town hall meeting. Schauer, MEA's recommended candidate for Governor, shared his views on public education and why it needs to be Michigan's top priority. 

Schauer and his choice for lieutenant governor, Lisa Brown, unveiled the plan to the media in Lansing the next day.

MEA President Steve Cook's review of Gov. Snyder and the Legislature's continued attacks on public education and public school employees set the stage for Schauer who called education his "top economic priority. "

Schauer said, "Gov. Snyder has been tough on the wrong people. He's been tough on kids by cutting funding that impacts their classrooms; he's been tough on parents who lost the child tax credit and the earned income tax credit; and he's been tough on school employees who have lost wages, are paying more for their benefits, and paying for needed classroom resources out of their own pockets."

Schauer went on to outline the key points of his plans for education when he's elected Michigan's next Governor. His vision includes:

  • Reversing education funding cuts.
  • Conducting an "adequacy study" to determine just how much money it costs to educate a student.
  • Supporting publicly funded pre-school for all children.
  • Investing in high quality professional development for educators.
  • Setting standards for maximum class sizes.
  • Opposing the corporate takeover of public education.
  • Expanding career-technical education.
  • Reversing the cuts to college and universities to make higher education more affordable.

Schauer took specific questions from callers on issues such as online education and right-to-work. Callers also had the chance to volunteer to make sure Schauer and Brown are elected in November.