President Steven Cook in the Detroit News: Teachers need protection in the classroom

The violent fight between two students at Detroit’s Pershing High School captured on video a few weeks ago was shocking and terrifying. The termination and ultimate reinstatement of Tiffani Eaton, the teacher who tried to stop that fight, has sparked debate about classroom safety across the state.

The diminutive but courageous English teacher who was fired for trying to stop the assault by swatting the students with a broomstick has engendered support from all corners. The editor of the Detroit News and a Detroit radio station — that sponsored a fundraiser on her behalf — defended her actions and criticized the decision to fire her.

The corporate leaders of EAA appear to have reinstated the teacher only after this firestorm of outrage in the media. We can now add poor administrative decision making to the academic and fiscal failures of the Educational Achievement Authority (EAA). . .

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