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Dillon health care plan: numbers don’t add up

Instead of savings, plan would create massive government bureaucracy

EAST LANSING, Mich., July 15, 2009 – Speaker of the House Andy Dillon is trying to sell Michigan taxpayers a bill of goods that will overwhelm state government and result in a half million taxpayers seeing their health care become a bureaucratic nightmare.

Dillon’s health care plan claims to deliver millions in savings from the “efficiency of pooling all public employees into a single plan.”

“Why on earth would anyone believe the state could run anything efficiently when it can’t even pass a balanced budget?” said Doug Pratt, MEA director of communications. “Why would public school employees trust the health of their families to a state bureaucracy in Lansing?”

Public school employees are already part of health insurance pools, and those employees have already delivered hundreds of millions in savings by accepting lower salaries, cuts to benefits and sharing in the cost of care. Creating an even larger pool becomes cost neutral and when you add in the expense of managing this new health care plan, the savings disappear entirely.

“Michigan taxpayers should not be fooled into thinking this plan would save money,” said Pratt.

Such a statewide plan would also take away all local control from school districts and governments to work together with their employees to make the right decisions for their communities.

“The state of Michigan does not have the expertise or record of efficiency to run a large scale health care program. And given the current budget crisis, this is not the time to expand state government for an ill-advised experiment like this one,” said Pratt.


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Updated: October 26, 2009 11:35 AM