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MEA-recommended candidates win

School employees instrumental in 93 election victories

EAST LANSING, Mich., Nov. 5, 2008 – MEA-recommended candidates won big in Tuesday's election, including President-elect Barack Obama and a Michigan Supreme Court candidate who upset an incumbent justice.

Ninety-three of the 103 candidates recommended by MEA won. All candidates were screened by groups of MEA members as part of the recommendation process.

"Voters agreed that the candidates recommended by MEA members deserve to represent us on university boards, in the halls of justice, in the state House, in Congress and in the White House," said MEA President Iris K. Salters. "MEA members should be proud of this historic election. From volunteering to running for office to voting, we helped elect Democrats and Republicans to guide us forward."

Wayne County Circuit Court judge Diane Hathaway pulled off one of the biggest upsets in Michigan by unseating Clifford Taylor, the conservative chief justice of the Michigan Supreme Court.

In other races, nine U.S. Senate and House candidates recommended by MEA won, including Democrat Gary Peters, who unseated incumbent Republican Joe Knollenberg.

In the state House, 71 of 79 candidates recommended by MEA won, including MEA member Jennifer Haase, an elementary school teacher from Warren Woods.

The two candidates recommended by MEA for the State Board of Education—incumbents Kathleen Straus and John Austin—were re-elected.

And, two candidates recommended by MEA for each of the governing boards at the University of Michigan, Michigan State University and Wayne State University also were elected.

For a full list of results for MEA-recommended candidates, go to www.meavotes.org.

Contact: Ed Sarpolus , MEA Director of Government Affairs, 517-337-5507.


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