PTA responds to 'below the belt' attack by Proposal 2 opponents

The Michigan PTA is slamming back against accusations that it violated its tax-exempt status when it endorsed Proposal 2 to protect collective bargaining and the voices of working families.

In its continued misleading and unfounded attacks to defeat Proposal 2, Protecting Michigan Taxpayers filed a complaint with the IRS accusing the group of using dues dollars to advocate for a specific vote on a specific ballot issue. They’re asking that taxes and fines be levied against the group of parents that advocates for children and public education.

The PTA has made no financial contribution to the Proposal 2 campaign and as a 501 (c)(3) organization, they’re allowed to take positions on policy issues like collective bargaining.

“Implications by Protecting Michigan Taxpayers that the Michigan PTA is funding a political campaign and operating in a manner inconsistent with non-profit law are both false and reprehensible,” said Sandra York, Michigan PTA Executive Director. “This is simply a bullying and harassment tactic, something Michigan PTA strongly advocates against.”

Last week, the PTA publicly supported Proposal 2 because it gives teachers “the voice to fight for what’s right for our school children.” Their endorsement came with a denouncement of the scare tactics Proposal 2 opponents—like Protecting Michigan Taxpayers are using. 

Congressman Gary Peters joined the PTA in their outrage, calling the attack a distraction from the fact that the opposition to Proposal 2 is being funded by corporate special interests that have sent jobs overseas and benefitted by cutting the wages and benefits of working families.

It looks like Protecting Michigan Taxpayers is running out of lies and distortions to defeat Proposal 2. In the last days of the election, they think it’s acceptable to resort to desperate attacks on organizations like the PTA who see the value in collective bargaining as a way of protecting Michigan children, parents, and families.