Richardville singles out public school employees for Right to Work FOR LESS bill

In what is probably one of the most blatant examples of anti-union, anti- school employee legislation yet, Sen. Majority Leader Randy Richardville (R-Monroe) says he supports right-to-work legislation that only affects public school employees and will have legislation ready soon.

In support of what looks like political payback for MEA’s recall efforts, Richardville said on PBS’s Off the Record, “The teachers union—specifically the Michigan Education Association—have lost their way and public school employees should no longer be forced to join them.”

Richardville singled out teachers unions because he claimed they haven’t recognized the state’s tough economic times like other unions have.

MEA President Steve Cook responded in a press statement this morning, “Republican leaders have slashed school funding, increased taxes, stripped collective bargaining rights from school employees, forced them to pay more out-of-pocket for retirement and health insurance. They’ve completely undermined and demoralized the educators of this state.”

“MEA members are fed up. That’s why thousands have been engaged, alongside thousands of other Michigan citizens, in recall efforts designed to stop these constant attacks on public education and the middle class.”

Richardville’s actions put the Republican agenda clearly into focus—an all-out war on public education and public school employees. And how will that save Michigan’s economy or create jobs?

“Sen. Richardville seems to think that MEA members don’t stand behind their union,” Cook continued. “I have news for him – we’ve heard from countless MEA members who don’t think we’ve gone far enough in fighting back against these attacks.  We’re encouraging every MEA member to contact Sen. Richardville’s office immediately and tell him just how wrong he is.”

FIGHT BACK! Contact Sen. Richardville’s office immediately at  866-556-7917. Tell him just how wrong he is. MEA members support their union. They’ve done more than their part in “shared sacrifice.” Tell Sen. Richardville to stop attacking public education and the middle class and focus on getting Michigan citizens back to work.