Say NO to corporate special interests buying elections

In the 6th State House District, Michelle Rhee and StudentsFirst -- her organization that led the charge on attacking collective bargaining and due process rights last year -- have spent nearly $40,000 in support of a Democratic representative who voted with them. And they just snuck another $118,000 into the state after the campaign finance reporting deadline, so they could be spending even more.

Former Republican gubernatorial candidate and noted voucher proponent Dick DeVos gave $200,000 to a group he helped found -- the Great Lakes Education Project -- which is attacking pro-public education candidates in Democratic primaries, including the 11th State House District.
Why are corporate special interests and Republican politicians playing around in Democratic primaries? Because they're trying to buy votes and sneak candidates through who don't share the values of their voters.
As you head to the polls, keep in mind where the money is coming from for the calls, literature and door-knocking you're getting from groups like the so-called "Parents and Teachers Putting Students First" and the Great Lakes Education Project.