SB 7 becomes law

Yesterday, Gov. Snyder signed into law PA 152 which requires public school employees to pay more for their health care coverage.  Formerly known as SB 7, the law is part of Snyder’s “shared sacrifice” plan that helps him pay for his $1.8 billion tax break for business. The bill was sponsored by Sen. Mark Jansen (R-Gaines Twp.).

While the law has immediate effect, any contract ratified and signed before Sept. 27 isn’t affected.  For background on PA 152, an analysis of SB 7 as passed is available.

MEA sees this move as another attack on public school employees who already have given millions in wage and benefit concessions, making this law unnecessary. Nevertheless, as an “incentive,” Snyder offered an additional $100 per student if school districts agreed to a series of best practices, one of which was increasing employee insurance contributions.  School districts that don’t comply with the new law stand to lose a portion of their state aid.

As with most Republican-sponsored legislation of late, this new law does nothing to create jobs or improve education.