School board elections move to November


Today, Gov. Snyder signed into law PA 232 and PA 233, which require school districts to hold elections during the general elections in November of even-numbered years beginning Jan. 1, 2012. According to Snyder, this will cut administrative costs and “help schools maintain focus on educating students” and make sure school board elections are held when voter turnout is highest.

What these new laws really do is again strip school boards of local control and make school board elections more political, with school district business being lost in other issues.

Along with the MEA, many school district officials opposed the legislation. With these new laws, school board members will be in their seats longer since the next school board elections will be held in Nov. 2012. If board members’ terms ended in June 2012, they would stay in their seat until Dec. 31, 2012.

Another concern is that the make-up of a school board could drastically change in the middle of a budget year. School district budget years run from July 1 to June 30.