Senate committee passes substitutes to so-called education reform package

After hearing brief testimony from community college representatives on SB 622-623 and SB 709-10—all of which expand dual enrollment—the Senate Education Committee passed a series of amendments to SB 620, 623, 709-10 in the so-called education reform package.

The most changes come with the SB 620 substitute which addresses conversion schools. In the original bill, at least 51 percent of parents or 51 percent of teachers in a school building can petition the school board to convert to a charter school.  With the substitute, the requirement is 51 percent of parents or 60 percent of teachers must petition one year in advance to convert the school.

The new school must still report an 80 percent attendance and graduation rate. The conversion is in effect for three years and if the school in its “conversion” continues to be a persistently low-achieving school, a new charter school authorizer must be found.

The other substitutes eliminate the tie-bar to SB 624.

Continue to urge your Senator to vote against these so-called education reform bills that do nothing to improve public education.