Seven ballot proposals heighten importance of Nov. election

On Nov. 6, voters will be deciding the fate of seven ballot proposals--six constitutional amendments and one law repeal. The last time there was this many proposals on the ballot was 1982, when three constitutional amendments and three laws were being voted on.

The six new constitutional amendments are:
  • Protect Our Jobs would protect the collective bargaining rights of Michigan workers.
  • Citizens for More Michigan Jobs would establish eight new casinos across the state.
  • Michigan Energy, Michigan Jobs would require 25% of the state's energy to be generated by renewable sources by 2025.
  • Michigan Alliance for Prosperity proposes a two-thirds vote of the Legislature or a majority vote of the people to add or raise taxes.
  • The People Should Decide requires public approval of the proposed new bridge over the Detroit River.
  • Citizens for Affordable Quality Home Care would require the state to maintain a registry of home health care workers and allow them to unionize.
Not on that list yet is the repeal of PA 4, the Emergency Manager law. Its fate is still being decided and the Michigan Supreme Court will rule if the type size on the petitions is acceptable or not. An earlier decision by the Court of Appeals to let the issue go ahead was challenged by Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility. Stand Up for Democracy collected 203,000 signatures to get the issue on the Nov. ballot. The state Bureau of Election needs a decision by Aug. 27 in order to prepare the ballot language.