Small Business Support

Over the past 18 months, politicians in Lansing have made it more difficult for small businesses.  Although promising to reduce regulations and pass incentives to create jobs, they have, in fact, created an environment that reduces jobs and threatens the average worker’s ability to purchase goods and services from small businesses.  Decisions about wages, benefits and working conditions that were once made at the bargaining table between employers and employees have been taken out of their hands, causing workers to have less money available to spend at local businesses.

Many MEA members have friends and family who own or work at small businesses that have been affected by these attacks on working families and who will benefit by the passage of an amendment to protect collective bargaining rights.  The POJ campaign would like to enroll these business owners in the campaign by posting their endorsement on the POJ website. 

More information about this is on the MEA website along with a small business outreach toolkit which contains a number of materials that can be used in this effort.  The first 10 folks who sign up a business will get special recognition in the Petition Insider.

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