Snyder must veto proposed ban on Common Core or every school will fail to meet AYP

Every school in Michigan will fail to make Adequate Yearly Progress and will lose federal aid unless the governor vetoes a part of the budget passed by the Legislature that strips funding for implementing the Common Core State Standards.

MEA members are asked to contact Gov. Rick Snyder immediately and urge him to restore funding for Common Core implementation. Call him at (517) 373-3400 or email him via the form on his website.

School employees have spent the better part of three years preparing for the launch of Common Core. Unless Snyder vetoes the Legislature’s budget language and restores funding for Common Core implementation, all of the prep work put in by educators will be for naught.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg; here’s what else will happen if Snyder fails to restore the funding:

  • Michigan will lose its flexibility waiver to the federal No Child Left Behind Act, immediately making every school in Michigan accountable for having 100 percent of students proficient in math and reading.
  • Not a single public school will qualify as making AYP, resulting in NCLB sanctions like providing students with choice and transportation to other school districts, costly tutoring services, and much more.
  • Local districts will once again have to change learning standards for teachers and students, and will be forced to base teacher evaluations on the old MEAP and Michigan Merit Exam.
  • School districts will lose untold amounts of federal Title I funds that would have otherwise gone to help underprivileged students.

Please contact Snyder today and urge him to restore funding for Common Core implementation.