Snyder names school takeover panel for lowest performing schools

Gov. Rick Snyder appointed 11 people to the board of the new Education Achievement System (EAS) which will take over and run Michigan’s lowest performing schools—starting with 45 failing Detroit public schools.

The 11-member board includes two members appointed by Detroit Public Schools, two members appointed by Eastern Michigan University, and seven members appointed by the governor.

Snyder created the system to reform what’s been designated as the lowest-performing 5 percent of public schools still not achieving satisfactory results on a redesign plan or are under the jurisdiction of an Emergency Manger. Roy Roberts, governor-appointed Emergency Manager for Detroit schools, will lead the system.

Under EAS, money will go directly into classrooms and be controlled by principals, parents and teachers. Schools not showing improvement stand to lose their state accreditation. The system will begin operations in Detroit for the 2012-13 school year and then expand statewide.

Ironically, critics of public education have insisted that pouring more money into low-performing schools isn’t the way to reform education and ensure improvement.  But this is just another piece of the push for school reform and accountability which still aren’t rooted in real research or best practices.