Snyder signs ban on unionization of grad research assistants

Questionable legislative tactics moved HB 4246 through the Legislature and made the bill law today with Gov. Snyder's signature. The Michigan Employment Relations Commission (MERC) was set to meet today to deal with the University of Michigan graduate research assistants' petition to unionize.

Shortly before they were scheduled to meet, Snyder signed the bill and thwarted MERC's agenda.

Legislators stripped another bill of its language, substituted the unionization ban and rammed the bill through in order to beat MERC to the punch.

Regarding another bill rushed through the Legislature last week, Snyder has yet to sign HB 4929 to stop the payroll deduction of member dues by school districts.  Please continue to contact the governor and urge him to veto HB 4929.

This Republican strategy to silence citizens' voices and deprive them of basic union and collective bargaining rights is providing momentum for the Protect Our Jobs campaign. To learn more about the efforts to protect collective bargaining and strengthen the middle class, go to To learn how you can volunteer, contact your local MEA UniServ office.