Speak up on CCSS until March 6 with an NEA survey

If you've received an email with the subject line, "Teachers Know Best on Standards and Testing" or "Speak Up on Common Core," you've been chosen by NEA to share your opinions on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and their implementation. A similar survey done last fall led to NEA's recent statement insisting that CCSS be put back on track with educators playing a key role in any statewide implementation processes related to CCSS.

The survey is being conducted in Michigan from Feb. 20 to March 6 by an independent vendor representing NEA and state affiliates. The vendor is prohibited from using your email address for any other purpose than this survey. Your anonymity will be protected when you submit your responses.

If you haven't seen the email, check your Spam or Junk Mail filters to make sure you haven't missed the chance to share your thoughts and recommendations on such an important topic.

Your responses will help NEA advocate for the resources, time and supports you need to be successful in making CCSS happen. Please take the time to respond on this critical issue that impacts you, your colleagues, your profession and your students.