Speak out now for equity for all students

Members of the U.S. House Committee on Education debated amendments to two new ESEA reauthorization bills today—the Student Success Act (H.R. 3989) and the Encouraging Innovation and Effective Teachers Act (H.R. 3990).

These two acts are attempts to update the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), which Republicans have been working on since taking control of the House in 2010. The House has already passed three reauthorization bills out of committee and these two acts are the last pieces of the effort to reauthorize the law, formally known as the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).

The intent of the Student Success Act is to reduce the federal role in education and return authority for measuring student performance and turning around low-performing schools to states and school districts. The Encouraging Innovation and Effective Teachers Act is meant to provide teacher effectiveness information to parents and increase school choice.

NEA is asking all educators to contact their member of Congress  to let them know what really works for students and schools and to ensure that every student has access to a quality education. NEA has provided a list of pros and cons on the pending legislation that you can use in your conversations with legislators.