Stabenow's efforts bringing benefits to Michigan today


Debbie Stabenow is fighting for more than her U.S. Senate seat in this November election. She's fighting for who we are as a country and the very heart and soul of our American democracy.
"We're strongest when everyone has a fair shot. All of us are better off because of it," Stabenow believes. 
In her two terms in office, that belief has led her to promote providing a quality education for all children; keeping jobs in Michigan; and making college affordable for middle class families.
Sen. Stabenow has stood with MEA in fighting for education issues. Recently, she co-sponsored a bill signed by President Obama that freezes student loan interest rates at 3.4 percent when Republicans would have let interest rates double. That saves more than 300,000 Michigan students from an even bigger student-loan debt. She supported changes that made additional funds available for Pell Grants. By eliminating subsidized loans through banks, focusing on direct student loans, and freeing up $8 billion, Stabenow is helping make college more affordable for Michigan families.
Stabenow supports more funding for education and opposes vouchers. She has said, "Teaching is not a lost art, but the regard for it has been lost. When you attack teachers, you attack the future."
Sen. Stabenow was instrumental in saving the state's automakers when others--like Mitt Romney--would have let the industry go bankrupt. Her efforts led to General Motors announcement this week that it will be creating 2,000 new high-tech jobs with 1,500 of them coming to the Warren Tech Center.
Coming from Michigan, Debbie Stabenow knows how important collective bargaining is to all workers. "The labor movement is part of Michigan's heritage that helped build and sustain the middle class," Stabenow said. She stands in support of our right to organize and collectively bargain--exactly what Proposal 2 will protect.
While Stabenow is fighting for the middle class, her opponent, Pete Hoekstra is fighting for corporate special interests and an extreme conservative agenda. Stabenow can run on her record and accomplishments. Hoekstra, a former U.S. Representative, has to use false statements and misleading ads to get attention. 
There's really no contest when it comes to the U.S. Senate race here in Michigan. Debbie Stabenow has been there for us. Let's return the favor by re-electing her as U.S. Senator on Nov. 6.