Statewide Anti-Privatization Committee

2014-15 Charge:
Review anti-privatization strategies and provide, at least semi-annually, recommendations to the Board.

Start Date
2008 Percy Brown (2017-Reg 3)  
2008 Andrew Campbell (2017-Reg 7)  
2008 Connie Boylan (2017-Reg 15) Chair
2011 Roy Freeman (2017-Reg 5)  
2011 Frank Burger (2017-BdM-Reg 10-EA)  
2012 Jenifer Almassy (2015-BdM-Reg 11-EA)  
2011 Troy Beasley (2017-BdM-Reg 7-EA) Vice Chair
2014 Gloria Wagener (2017-BdM-Reg 12-Higher Ed)  
Staff Liaison Joyce Phelps  

Note to ourselves:
Per Board action April 24, 2008 – make-up of this committee is the ESP privatization task force and 4 members from the Board of Directors (1 Higher Ed. and 3 EA).