Talking Points - Collective Action

  • The continued attacks on school employees and their unions represent a bigger effort to destroy the middle class which has been shrinking rapidly.
  • School employees are vital to the goal of a better Michigan future. Their job of providing a quality education for every student and preparing them for the workforce is essential to Michigan’s economic survival.
  • School employees, and other workers acting together with their unions, are the last best defense to stop the attacks. Without them, we can’t restore balance to our economy and the attacks will continue.
  • It’s time to stop the partisan politics. We must hold our leaders accountable to their promise of creating jobs. Those jobs will create the balance and restore our middle class.
  • Politicians are looking to cut wages, eliminate benefits, outsource jobs, and balance the budget on the backs of our middle class workers. Those same politicians are making sure big businesses and CEOs are receiving tax breaks while the middle class suffers.