Talking points - Governor Snyder's Education Plan

  • Instead of slashing education and mortgaging our children’s future, the governor and the lawmakers should invest in our local schools and not give tax breaks to corporate special interests.  
  • Neither the governor’s plan nor his budget recognizes the sacrifices and reforms already made by school districts and school employees. His offering of $300 million to school districts who adopt his cost-cutting strategies does nothing to help districts already facing financial difficulties.
  • The governor’s education funding proposals represent a bad investment strategy and his ideas about education reform fly in the face of research and best practices.
  • Earlier this year, MEA already made suggestions to the governor regarding early childhood education, anti-bullying and the need for administrator certification in its A+ Agenda. We’re glad that he supports our views on these issues,
  • The details of Gov. Snyder’s plan must be fully developed before Michigan taxpayers can decide whether they truly make sense for schools and represent the kind of investment in education that will move this state forward.
  • MEA agrees with Snyder’s call for collaboration and partnerships to improve student achievement. We’re ready to continue the conversation we began with him.