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Join a Protest Near You

Let's make our voices heard next week!

Across Michigan on Wednesday, Aug. 3, MEA and AFT Michigan members will gather together in their communities to protest Gov. Rick Snyder's frivolous appeal of a court ruling that school employees are owed 3% of their salary that the state illegally stole from paychecks.

"Unconscionable": MEA President's response to Snyder decision to appeal 3% suit

MEA President Steven Cook today strongly condemned Gov. Rick Snyder’s decision to appeal a Court of Appeals ruling that would have returned more than $550 million taken from school employees’ paychecks to fund retiree health care.

Snyder Signs DPS Restructuring Plan

With no fanfare or public ceremony, Governor Rick Snyder signed legislation to restructure Detroit Public Schools, and with the stroke of his pen uncertified teachers will be allowed to run classrooms in Detroit – no high school diploma, no college degree, no training required. 
As predicted, it didn't take long for that bad idea to spread. Even before Snyder's under-the-radar signing of the bill, conservative voices last weekend began calling for uncertified teachers to be allowed in classrooms across the state