Collective Action

Backgrounder - Collective Action

April 4, 2011 has been designated as a National Day of Action. Labor unions, civil rights organizations and religious leaders across the country will use this day to speak out against the continued attacks on labor and the middle class. This day of collective action gives us the opportunity to stand up for our rights.

Talking Points - Collective Action

  • The continued attacks on school employees and their unions represent a bigger effort to destroy the middle class which has been shrinking rapidly.
  • School employees are vital to the goal of a better Michigan future. Their job of providing a quality education for every student and preparing them for the workforce is essential to Michigan’s economic survival.
  • School employees, and other workers acting together with their unions, are the last best defense to stop the attacks.

Sample letter to the editor - Collective Action

Writing a letter to the editor is a quick way to share your views with your community. This is a sample letter that you could personalize or use as a reference to write your own, unique letter.

Dear Editor:

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