Teacher evaluation, school accreditation may hurt early NCLB waiver request

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE)plans on making the first U.S. Department of Education (DOE) NCLB waiver request deadline of Nov. 14 that would exempt Michigan from meeting a 100 percent proficiency requirement by 2014. The next deadline would be in February.

In order to be granted a waiver, states must agree to certain conditions—many of which Michigan already has in place. However, two of those conditions regarding teacher evaluation and school accreditation are not fully ready for implementation.

The Governor’s Council on Educator Effectiveness won’t be issuing a model teacher evaluation system until April 30 and then it would have to be legislated. Federal requirements set the end of the school year as the deadline for having such a model in place.

The state plans on addressing school accreditation by moving from the MichiganYES! System to the Michigan School Accreditation System (MI-SAS) but the DOE has been skeptical since Michigan right now has no schools listed as “unaccredited.”