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Potterville educator helps navigate community through tragedies

Tragedy has struck Potterville Public Schools teacher Dan Brunk on numerous occasions, but he continues to overcome obstacles and help his students and community.

Reese Public Schools teacher Jenifer Almassy elected to NEA Board of Directors

Delegates to the MEA Fall Representative Assembly elected Jenifer Almassy, a teacher at Reese High School in Reese Public Schools, to the NEA Board of Directors for a term beginning immediately and ending Aug. 31, 2015.

Troy teachers picket against unfair treatment by school district

Fair and reliable teacher evaluations: Can it happen in Michigan?

MEA supports the majority of the Michigan Council for Educator Effectiveness’ recommendations for creating what it calls a “fair, transparent and feasible” system for evaluating teachers and school administrators.

If implemented by the state Legislature, the MCEE’s recommended system would replace the more than 800 different evaluation systems employed in districts across Michigan.

“The report constitutes an improvement over what educators are currently experiencing in our public schools,” said MEA Vice President Nancy Strachan, a veteran teacher with nearly 40 years of classroom experience. “The report provides a strategy to improve educational outcomes by focusing on student learning objectives.”

“The evaluation process should be focused on professional growth as an educator — not simply a tool to terminate employees,” Strachan said. “We need to add a support system of professional learning.”

State Board of Education could push forward with Common Core despite legislative ban on funding

The president of the State Board of Education said Wednesday that the board has the authority to implement the Common Core State Standards, but acknowledged that funding the implementation process would be problematic without support from lawmakers.

Troy science teacher publishes report on effectiveness of various studying techniques

Judy Gail Armstrong-Hall

Students have different techniques when it comes to studying for tests, and some are more effective than others. 

State panel issues long-awaited report with teacher evaluation recommendations

The Michigan Council for Educator Effectiveness this week released its long-awaited recommendations to create what it calls a “fair, transparent and feasible” system for evaluating teachers and school administrators.

Dr. Dalton’s ‘Hot Chocolate Club’ helps ESL students at Lansing school

Dr. Robert Dalton

Robert Dalton starts his day at Lansing’s Everett High School with his “Hot Chocolate Club” at 7 a.m. His students know they can stop by and get some help with a homework assignment, practice their English and check out the latest soccer scores — all with a cup of hot chocolate.

Plymouth-Canton teachers help blaze a path for foreign-born students

Hagda do Patrocinio-Volpe and Julie Barr 

(Editor’s note: This is one in a series of articles profiling recipients of the 2013 MEA Human Rights and Excellence awards.)

Julie Barr and Hagda do Patrocinio-Volpe know first-hand what it’s like to live in a foreign country and not know the language or the culture. Barr lived in Israel for several years and Patrocinio was born in Brazil and came to the United States as an adult.

With their patience and spirit, these two teachers at Salem High School in Plymouth-Canton Community Schools have created a safe learning environment, so English language learners can be successful.

And that’s why MEA has honored them with MEA’s Excellence Award for Bilingual Education.

Salem High School’s P-CEP English Language Learners’ Program teaches students from around the world the academic English they need to be successful in high school and beyond.

Barr and Patrocinio’s program is unique in that their students are placed by levels based on their English skills. Students can earn their credits through the program and also become proficient enough to go on to earn their credits in regular academic classes.