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Delegates to the Spring 2009 Representative Assembly received a full report on the status of MEA’s TEF initiative.  That report included an update about new research MEA has commissioned—released May 14, this landmark study of Michigan business tax incentives marks a whole new phase of TEF. 

As part of MEA’s commitment to funding research and encouraging transparency and accountability for tax incentives, the label for TEF will also be shifting.  To highlight the economic impact of investing in public education and to get the TEF message to more people, this program will now be known as “Investing in Michigan’s Future.” Future updates will be made at www.mea.org/investing.


TEF at the 2007 Fall RA

A Brief History of MEA’s TEF Initiative (PDF)

It’s Time to Spread the TEF Message…(PDF)

TEF Trainers(PDF)

TEF: Funding Our Future(PDF)

What is TEF - Powerpoint presentation

What is TEF - Powerpoint presentation (PDF)

Supporting Information on TEF from NEA

This series of short general audience "Briefs" takes the complexity out of TEF, highlighting TEF's relevance to a wide range of issues and challenges Americans face — who's going to education a new generation of scientists, engineers, and national security professionals — and offering some sensible, achievable solutions.

What is TEF? (PDF)

Top Ten Reasons Why Taxes Don't Grow the Economy (PDF)

Since Tax Cuts Don't Grow the Economy, What Does? (PDF)

What Grows the Economy? Innovation, Investment in Human Capital, and Advances in Science and Technology (PDF)

A Proposal to Create a National Policy Board (PDF)

Economic Development Extension Service: A Model for Future Economic Growth (PDF)

Understanding School Funding and the TEF Context (PDF)

Why Are Revenues Up? Is the Revenue Surge Real? What Can We Do? (PDF)

Time to Redifine Education Policy for the New Economy (PDF)

Defining Political Action for the New Economy, Vol. 10 (PDF)

TEF at the 2006 Fall RA

Report to the Fall 2006 RA: Building an economic foundation for great public schools (PDF)

PowerPoint Presentation from Fall 2006 RA (PPS)

The Long-Term Effects of TABOR on the Michigan Economy (WORD)

Tax Limitations, Education Funding Measures and Economic Growth: A Look at Michigan (WORD)

The Effects of State Public K–12 Education Expenditures On Income Distribution (PDF)

K–12 Education in The U.S. Economy - Its Impact on Economic Development, Earnings, and Housing Values (PDF)

The Social Costs of Inadequate Education (PDF)

Protecting Public Education from Tax Giveaways to Corporations (PDF)

School Funding, Taxes, and Economic Growth - An Analysis of the 50 States (PDF)

Public Schools and Economic Development - What the Research Shows (PDF)



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VIDEO: Brit Satchwell talks TEF