MEA Field (UniServ) Directory

The MEA is composed of more than 1200 local associations who represent individual K-12 school districts and higher education facilities. Local association concerns include bargaining, representation and other employment issues. Each local has MEA field staff (called UniServ) assigned to work with them.

This list is organized in numeric order by region, with the local association names listed to the right of the UniServ director assigned to them.

If you do not know your region number, you can find your local UniServ staff by using your browser's find feature. To do this, go to the edit menu, select "Find" (or something similar, depending on the browser) and then type in the city in which you work. You'll be taken to the first point in the list where the browser finds that word. Please note that it will return all references to that word - there may be several references in the document, so please be sure to hit "Find Next" (or simliar) until you find your particular local association in the right-hand column. Please note there is also a "Find" option on the PDF documents..

UniServ Field Directory (PDF)

School District Index (PDF)