UniServ Director Hiring Process


Are you an advocate for employees? Do you have bargaining and grievance processing experience? If so, you may want to explore becoming a UniServ director. The MEA maintains a list of qualified individuals who are eligible to apply for UniServ director positions.

The process for being added to the list includes:

  1. Submission of an employment application and résumé for review and determination of qualifications.

  2. A preliminary interview to establish skills, knowledge and experience.

  3. Support for gaining additional experience and training.

  4. Interviews with UniServ managers to determine readiness for placement on the Screened Applicant List.

If you are interested in becoming a UniServ director, please apply to be considered for the Screened Applicant List. Applications may be downloaded and mailed to Barb Hitchcock at MEA Human Resources or you may call Cal Mott at 800/292-1934 to request an application.


Download an electronic application. Please make sure you allow enough time to meet the application deadline when filling out an electronic application. If you have problems with the electronic application when attempting to return the application click here and we will e-mail you an application. Some computers will not allow you to fill out the online version of the application.

MEA is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.