URGENT UPDATE: Bills attacking tenure, bargaining rights may move TODAY

MEA lobbyists learned late Monday that leadership in the state House may take up a package of bills on Tuesday that dismantles teacher tenure and prohibits all school employees from bargaining about a broad variety of subjects related to their working environments and their students' learning environments.

We need you to act NOW to stop these bills -- contact your state representative and urge them to vote no on House Bills 4625-4628.This legislation would increase the probationary period to five years, allow tenured teachers to be moved back to probation after an ineffective evaluation, remove reasonable and just cause protections, eliminate seniority-based placements and more. Learn more about what these bills do.

The bills also go far beyond tenure, banning collective bargaining for all school employees about most subjects currently decided at the local bargaining table, such as placement of employees, evaluation systems and discharge/discipline policies. Find out how these bills affect all employees' bargaining rights.

MEA strongly opposes these bills. We need every school employee to contact their state representative IMMEDIATELY and urge them to vote NO on these bills. The legislative assault on your rights and your profession will not end without you making your voice heard.

At a minimum, contact your state representative by email and phone right away and throughout the day today.

Go to the Message Center on MEA's website for talking points about these bills and information to help you debunk the myths about tenure.

Please plan to attend one of many local activities for Tuesday’s MEA Day of Action. Standing together with others in your community in defense of public education and the middle class is critical to stopping these bills and other attacks. For a listing of events in your area, go to our events page. If you don’t have a local activity near you, consider coming to Lansing to lobby your lawmakers in person.

These bills can be taken up tomorrow -- or at any time thereafter.  Whether it's via email or phone, in-person in Lansing or in a group in your local community, please take the time RIGHT NOW to make your voice heard for your rights, your profession and your students.