Voters silenced with passage of House bills


House Republicans passed legislation on Tuesday that affects who can vote and what groups can register people to vote. A so-called election reform package SB 751-754, 893, 823-825 will make it harder for minorities to vote and give an advantage to Republicans in the November elections.  Republicans call their partisan move “protecting the integrity of elections in Michigan” and voted down all Democratic amendments to the legislation.

These bills mirror a national effort by Republicans to disenfranchise thousands of potential voters.

Democrats found many parts of the legislation objectionable, especially those sections that suppress voting rights. Under the bills, voters would have to show a photo ID at the poll or sign an affidavit before they could vote. Votes would also have to declare their U.S. citizenship in order to apply for an absentee ballot. 

The League of Women Voters joined Democrats in the opposition to SB 754 that forces third-party organization helping to register voters to complete training and register with the Department of State.

Legislators have only two days left to push through their agenda of bills. There’s no time to waste. Contact your Senator. Tell them this package of bills is taking away voter’s rights and their voice in choosing lawmakers who will support the middle class.