Whitmer calls GOP fall agenda 'divisive and ill-conceived'

Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer (D-East Lansing) criticized the Republican’s fall agenda as a “divisive and ill-conceived social agenda that again will do nothing to help get people back to work.”

Randy Richardville (R-Monroe), Senate Majority Leader, laid out the Republican Senate agenda for this fall as being about jobs.  He specifically pointed to the second Detroit River Bridge and the elimination of the personal property tax as job creators.

Other aspects of the agenda include:

  • cutting through red tape,
  • increasing education options,
  • clarifying the medical marijuana law,
  • banning partial birth abortion,
  • protecting seniors,
  • restoring the American Dream,
  • making government more affordable,
  • giving auto insurance owners more choices, and
  • stopping health care benefits for lawmakers aged 55 through 65.

Still in political payback mode against MEA,  Richardville again claimed that he supports collective bargaining—but he doesn’t support requiring that workers pay their fair share of the costs of negotiating their contract (his so-called “Right to Work” proposal would eliminate that requirement).

Whitmer responded, “What we’ve seen in nine short months of Republican control is increased unemployment, increased child poverty, increased taxes on seniors and workers, and increased class sizes across the state.”